WoodHaven Raspy Red Reactor



WoodHaven’s Raspy Red Reactor is a 3 reed call with a thin top yellow reed and two clear bottom reeds. Designed by Sting Team member, Scott Ellis. The unique cut of this call offers the best of both worlds in turkey vocabulary. 

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Soft calling is easily attainable with little effort, yet the call has plenty of backbone to get nasty with cutting and cackling. Round it off with a smooth front on some ringing raspy yelps and your bound to get a ”reaction” from the Raspy Red Reactor. This diaphragm call delivers smooth, soft calls with little effort, as well as cutts and cackles with backbone, and a smooth front on raspy yelp.

Scott Ellis – Awards since 2016: NWTF Head to Head Champion – 2013. 2015. 2016, 

  • 2013 Grand National Head to Head Division Champion
  • 2013 Grand National Friction 4th place
  • 2013 Grand National Senior Division top 12
  • 2013 World Turkey Calling Championships Sr. Division top 8
  • 2013 Grand America 2nd place
  • 2013 Southern Open Champion
  • 2013 Florida Gobbling Division Champion
  • 2013 Florida Open Friction Champion
  • 2013 Iowa Open Champion
  • 2013 Mosquito Creek Open-Open Division Champion
  • 2013 Mosquito Creek Open-Florida State Resident Champion
  • 2013 Mosquito Creek Open-Friction Champion
  • 2013 Mosquito Creek Open-Locator Division Champion
  • 2013 South Carolina State Open Champion
  • 2013 South Carolina Friction Open Champion 
  • 2014 US Open Owl Hooting Champion
  • 2014 US Open Sr. Division 3rd Place
  • 2014 Grand Nationals 4th Sr Open
  • 2014 Grand National Head to Head 5th Place
  • 2014 Southern Open Champion
  • 2015 Grand National Head to Head Division Champion
  • 2015 Grand National Senior Open 2nd Place 
  • 2015 Florida State Senior Division Champion
  • 2015 Florida Open Friction Champion
  • 2015 Texas State Open Champion
  • 2015 Texas State Open Friction Champion
  • 2015 Texas State Locator Division Champion
  • 2016 Dixie Classic Open(Georgia Open) Champion
  • 2016 Grand National Head to Head Division Champion
  • 2016 Grand National Senior open 5th Place


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