Legend Series Slate Call by WoodHaven



The Legend Series Slate Call gives you the sweet double note yelps and the softest and most realistic purr and cluck available. Super raspy boss hen yelps from the Legend Slate will send a strong message spring or fall. Includes Surface Conditioning Kit, Surface Saver Lid, and 2 Hand Matched Strikers.

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High grade slate picked and sanded to the perfect thickness is used in the walnut cup. Super realistic, raspy sounding slate call. Constructed using a solid high grade walnut pot by NWTF Grand National Award Winning call maker, Mike Pentecost who has this to say about his calls. ” I feel that I have developed the best friction ”slate-type” call on the market! The sounds that a truly masterful crafted wood cup call can make are unsurpassed & rare! It has a design & many features that are its own. The things I do in the construction process with my call make it a prized possession to many hunters and collectors.”


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