Woodhaven Black Death 3 Pack


Experience the full range of rasp with this 3 pack of premium WoodHaven calls.  Each is proven for aggressive and effective yelping and cutting.  Pack includes: Black Wasp, Black Venom, Black Hornet – Descriptions below:

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  • Black Wasp – The Black Wasp has a top reed of red latex and a middle reed of prophylactic, just like the Red Wasp, the difference is in the thickness on the bottom black reed as well as the depth and thickness of the V-cut providing a little more rasp and volume. 
  • Black Venom – Call features a copperhead cut and side cuts in orange latex top reed.   The orange latex top reed combined with a prophylactic reed and a bottom reed of gray latex offers great versatility. 

  • Black Hornet – 2 reed, straight gray & V cut yellow. Easy blowing combination for strong volume, nasal mature hen yelps. Steady rasp, front to back.  This call is capable of calling both loud and soft while producing great yelps, cuts, clucks, and purrs.


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