Millcreek Valley Mr. November Deer Call


Mr. November is an innovative & versatile custom deer call from Shawn Kotchey at Millcreek Valley Game Calls. Both buck grunts & doe bleats are available from the same end of the call by exhaling or inhaling.  Either end of the call may be used. Solid Walnut body, authentic sound & laser engraved deer tracks make this custom deer call a stand-out.  Includes lanyard.

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The Original (Mr. November) Buck Grunt and Doe Bleat in one call. You will not want to go into the woods without this call this fall without it. Five years in the making and relentless field testing and we finally perfected it.  This call makes a perfect grunt every time. The reeds in this call are already set, no adjustment needed.  Simply blow into the top end for a buck grunt and inhale in the same end to get a perfect doe bleat every time. We use custom metal guts that will not Freeze !!!!! housed in our standard walnut barrel. 


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