Lynch Fool Proof Mahogany & Walnut Box Call



Mahogany body, Walnut lid. The Lynch Fool Proof Turkey Box Call is not only compact but makes the most realistic hen yelps in the woods. The famous design makes its operation virtually FOOLPROOF.

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The lid is set on a fixed pivot, making one side an automatic stop. The one side design incorporates one rubber band over two eyelets to assure proper lid placement. It can be operated horizontally like a standard box, or vertically with the screw end downward, and striker side on the outside.The box is made of select, straight grain Mahogany with a Walnut lid, and offers a precision hand fit. Each call is individually hand-tuned A one sided ”FOOLPROOF” Box. Call name and number laser engraved into right side. Foolproof description stamped in black on stopper blade of box.

Box Call Classics – Made in the USA

Lynch Box Calls are designed and produced in accordance with the highest quality and performance standards in the industry. Lynch’s commitment to consistency and performance since 1940 is clearly evident in their timeless box calls.


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