Apex Small Town Hunting Blend 20 Ga. 3 in. 7.5 & 9 Shot



Small Town Signature Blend 20 gauge round is yet another round to add to your arsenal.  1 5/8 oz of high density tungsten blend of 7.5 and 9 shot is sent down range and will give you the outcome you deserve. 5 Shells per box, 20 Ga. #7.5 & #9 Blend.


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Have the best of both worlds in one shell by having the larger 7.5 shot carry the distance and deliver more knock down power and increase your pattern density by having the highly sought after 9 shot.  Pattern and distance are a deadly recipe in this shell.

Apex Ammunition offers the best quality and hand-made turkey round are filled with Tungsten Super Shot at 18.1 g/cc. It’s characteristics deliver the most superior patterns and effective kill ranges of any shell on the market making you the most lethal Apex predator out there. While these rounds give you the absolute best opportunities, we will always suggest making sure you have tested and patterned with your current equipment set up and ensure your center of impact is aligned with your sights to give you the most ethical kill possible.

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